It doesn't have to make sense.

We've got a lot of work to do.

I worked with Mr. Spencer for a year in New York.


She was always attracted to men who were much older than her.


I'm not going, and that's that.

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I suppose it's too late to do that now.

The elevator is broken. You need to walk 7 floors up to the rooftop terrace.

Before we get started, are there any questions?

The question was discussed in detail.

I've improved the sentence.


Phillip wanted something to drink.

I did not intend to say that.

He caught her by the arm.

He told me that I could use his car.

The women's soccer national team are already the world soccer champions, and I don't see any reason why men can't achieve the same as women.

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We are worried about you.

I'd like to drink at least one more bottle of beer before I go home.

Meehan seems to catch the flu every year.


"Are you talking to me?" "Are you talking to me?" "I'm the only person here."

As a new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.

I wish I knew where he was!

I walked straight ahead without looking to the side.

You should always be fair.


Please come over with your wife.

It is easy for a monkey to climb a tree.

He is playing there.

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We're supposed to be helping them.

Preparations for the new project are under way in both companies simultaneously.

Who is that? That is a woman.

I'll sleep here.

A crocodile ate a dog.

He is at best a second-rate scholar.

I can handle the situation.

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Someone hit me on the back.


His cough is getting worse, he should stop smoking!

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When Oliver started driving, it seemed that he didn't understand the risks involved.

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You shouldn't be surprised.

The detective disguised himself as an old gentleman.

There's a boy.

He is misfortune.

We ask you to account for your conduct.

That you don't believe me is a great pity.

You may use my car at any time.


My boss is very cheerful today.

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I'll never see him again as long as I live.

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I know people find that odd.

Evidently, our expert witness comes armed not only with details but a conscience.

I tried to call him, but the line was busy, and I couldn't get through.

I like tea more than coffee.

Poland is not yet lost.

He is making great progress in English.

You were right as usual.

I paid 10 dollars for it.

He asked the men, "Would you share a room?" "Certainly, we will," answered the three men.

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I think Cristi's number is unlisted.


Over the past ten years, people have become increasingly aware that they need to change their eating habits.

Please speak French.

I know you're not doing that.

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Stewart made eye contact with Vistlik.


You look sad today.


I spoke with her.

Thousands of men were on their way to Washington.

Sofoklis was a nice kid.

Did Marika teach you some words of Japanese?

You can choose one of them.

You've hurt me a lot.

Fires are less frightening today than they once were, because more and more houses are built of concrete, and concrete houses do not burn as easily as the old wooden ones.


I wouldn't have such a good job if you hadn't help me find it.

I plan to emigrate to Australia.

Didn't you see her at dinner?

Here's my account number.

Laurence had it in his bag.

"Hi, y'all ready for school?" The two turned their heads to the voice of Zelda coming downstairs into the large hall. "Yep. I'm going to high school!" "I know." "I'm going to be so cool!" "Now, Link," Impa was about to barge in, but the King brushed her off quickly, "Hell no, don't start that shit with us, Impa." "I just wanted to tell Link about when I went to school," she retorted. The King laughed heartily. "Oh yes, it must have been great having Jesus as your chemistry partner!" "Well I never!" "Take her away!" yelled the King to Fari angrily.

His house is by a river.


I strongly advise you to take this medicine right away.


You've never been here, have you?

A tiger is a very ferocious kind of animal.

Arthur is distinguished.


He prefers football to baseball.

I like French, but I can't speak it well yet.

I've got to try.

What'll Roger do now?

He is morose today.

He complained that the room was too small.

Has he pressed the blue button?

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It's clearly Chris's responsibility.

Amigo showed his courage in the face of danger.

Tell me more about your trip.

I, too, am worried about her.

Diana has to speak to us.

I made the mistake of going into business with Dawn.

You need a raise, don't you?

He who wounds by the sword, dies by the sword.

I haven't done anything yet.

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Spencer says that he's too busy to help Old today.

We need to clean the car.

Anyway what are you on about? Going around sleeveless in this cold.

Jeffie knew that Tad was married.

It couldn't be her.

I don't get sick very often.

How do you know we're not too late?

Instead of complaining, maybe Wilson should just help us do it correctly.

I'll give you my decision this afternoon.

List seemed to understand.

I hope this horse doesn't kick.

What more could a person want?

Is it a trap?

I am supposed to meet her at three this afternoon.

Do you have a toilet plunger I could borrow?

It's not the real thing.

Hey, don't turn off the lights. I'm working in here.

Let's hear what you've got to say.

Joanne thought the situation was really sad.

I can't talk to her.

We'll show her.

Pat has a white cat.

The guilt lies with him.

It was an amazing game.

How did Rees find us?

I need to tell Kerri something.

You are such a mouse potato.

We met her here.

Rebecca has a lot of land.

We made it.

I was cool as a cucumber.

Graham never had that opportunity.

Doctors have discovered some startling facts.

Have you ever jerked off to a picture of a friend?

Saeb is really fond of Horace.


We need to be creative.

I brought some samples of my work.

If it hadn't been for his help, I'd have failed.

Why did you tell Pontus first?

When I look at the stars, I feel like I'm really insignificant compared to the whole universe.

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As it began to rain, I had just left the house.

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Something is definitely different.


Tell Barton what he wants to hear.

The bus may be late.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

June was hurt in a traffic accident.

Miriam's house is haunted.

Many pupils bought the book.

We left Boston at 2:30 this morning.

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I can't put up with him.

The girls hope to meet white boys in Blackpool.

What are you going to make a survey of?

Alice has stunning legs.

I come from another planet.

They came to the conclusion that the ship must have sunk.

Lawrence told us some jokes.

It's unlikely that the typhoon will hit before morning.

Why can't an ostrich fly?

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Sam said Jinchao was a good driver.

She married Marco last month.

Axel is smarter than I am.

It's a wonderful day for a picnic.

As I reached the station, I got off the bus.

I suppose that's all right.

I come from a big family.

The horse is at the farm.

That charity is named after a person who donated about two billion yen.

Complete the sentence.

Predators always prey on unsuspecting victims.


It is an extremely expensive store.


That's not what I told them.